General Terms and Conditions of Access and Use of Sandra Sánchez website

Sandra Sánchez (HENCEFORTH, THE OWNER), registered address in Pintor el Greco street 1- Madrid (28040) and ID card 04206924V, will spread information concerning her professional career on this website, These conditions are only applied to the access by the potential users of this webpage. Likewise, such terms are available for the USER to read, print, download and accept in every page of the website,

The access to this webpage involves the complete acceptance of these general terms and conditions of access and use by the USER, who commits not to employ the services offered in this website in those practices prohibited by law. In addition, the USER agrees to keep in mind these terms and conditions while making use of


1.1.- The access of this website by the owner does not entail a compulsory registration by the USER. Likewise, these conditions of access and use are strictly regulated by the applicable law as well as the basic principle of good faith by the USER, who compromises to make appropriate use of this website. Consequently, those acts which might violate the applicable law are prohibited. In particular, the OWNER forbids these actions:

1.1.1.- Those that, by either making use of the website or other means, intend to damage the system of both the OWNER and other USERS.

1.1.2.- To employ – with no authorisation – this website in order to advertise and spread any kind of commercial information. Specifically, it is forbidden to practice “spaming” and “mail bombing” (sending massive emails) as an attempt to block and disable this network.

1.2.- THE OWNER might exercise the right of admission to this website and suspend any access to it if she considers some uses go against the applicable law or these conditions. (please, check stipulation nº5)

SECOND.- CONTENTS.- The contents and news published on this website have been elaborated and included on it by THE OWNER by employing different resources, both internal and external.

2.1.- THE OWNER, thus,  must be only held responsible for those contents elaborated by employing internal sources.

2.2.- THE USERS, who might publish any contents on this website, must be aware of their responsibility for such advertises. As a matter of fact, those USERS that publish on this website state their complete agreement to those responsibilities entailed to such contents as well as the acknowledgement of their legality. In the same way, the USER must be also held responsible for those comments published on the chat and forums available on this website. Consequently, the OWNER will not accept any kind of responsibility for such comments, being – in fact – entitled to remove these posts and even contact the appropriate court if they entail any illegal acts.

2.3.- The OWNER might exercise her right to modify the contents of this webpage at any time. In such a manner, the OWNER will not accept any kind of responsibility for the (im)proper functioning of links to other websites outside

In addition, there are several services (both free and for a fee) available on this website, being regulated by their own applicable law. For this reason, the OWNER, who might not guarantee the veracity of the contents and services offered on these applications, must not be held responsible for any potential issues arisen from these.


3.1.- THE OWNER, must not be held responsible in any case because of:

3.1.1.- Any break downs or erasing in connections which might temporarily arise from the website function, since a continuous operability in every service might not be guaranteed.

3.1.2.- Any post published by the USERS which might damage this website.

3.1.3.- The veracity of any information published by the USERS on this website by either posting directly on the available services or introducing external links. Likewise, Sandra Sánchez will not doubt to contact and collaborate with the appropriate court if these activities entail any illegal acts.

3.2.- THE OWNER might exercise the right of admission to this website by immediately blocking the access – either temporally or permanently – to any USER who might have committed any illegal act. In such a manner, THE OWNER will not doubt to contact and collaborate with the appropriate court if any activities entail illegal acts.

FOURTH.- COPYRIGHT.- This website – as well as its contents, programming and design – are protected by copyright, which forbids any production, communication, distribution or transformation of such information unless there is express authorization by THE OWNER. By publishing through the tools available in this website (chat…), the USERS authorise the OWNER to copying and distributing every graphic and written materials posted on this webpage.

FIFTH.- JURISDICTION AND APPLICABLE LAW.- These general conditions are regulated by the Spanish legislation. In particular, Juzgados de Toledo (“court of original jurisdiction of Toledo”) is responsible for any conflicts which might arise from the stated conditions, which implies the voluntary renunciation by the USER of his right to present these potential issues to any other court.

SIXTH.- If any of these stipulations are declared null/void, this fact will not affect the other conditions, since they will continue to be in force, being applied according to the applicable laws. The OWNER is entitled not to exercise any of the rights conferred on these conditions. However, this resignation will not be considered definitive unless there is an express acknowledgement by the OWNER.