Sandra Sánchez karate


is the true passion of my life

30 years ago, when I was a kid who combed her hair into pigtails, I loved – above all – playing at the gym, especially hula hoop. Nowadays, this enthusiasm still pays off for me when I train, as I love having a good time while learning. This, I owe to my parents, whose support drove me to never give in, and to my coach Javier Pineño, who taught me how to overcome every obstacle.

Karate has even given me my life partner, my present-day coach. His trust and support are the keys to my self-confidence; he always believed in me, even when my goals seemed almost impossible to achieve. Evidently, my personality has eventually been shaped by all these experiences, which play a key-role in my everyday life. In my opinion, limits do not exist in karate, since no goals are previously determined; it is every person who sets her own objectives. Consequently, karate has become the key part to my lifestyle; since, apart from its physical and technical benefits, karate has – and still does – shaped my personality. Therefore, I believe the time has come to share our knowledge to others.


all around the world

Jesús (my coach) and I are a true team. For this reason, we want to share our work philosophy by teaching different people around the world.  When contacted, either by individuals or a large group, we analyse their qualities in the first place. Thus, we can adapt our teaching method as an attempt to optimise their performance in competition.

In the seminars held for a weekend, which tend to last 6-9 hours, we keep in mind the fact that karate does not only extend to physical and technical training, in which we tend to focus on the most difficult parts of the kata in order to improve speed, balance and power. In fact, we also emphasise the key role played by principles such as respect, good behaviour, discipline and sacrifice.

The true

reward is to follow the way of Karate-Do

“Not getting the gold medal in a championship creates new opportunities for the future”: As a matter of fact, I never give up after a defeat. Nobody is invincible and that is what drives me to beat my opponents. Professional competition is really tough and so is the adversary. Thus, there is no time to be too self-assured. However, this atmosphere only drives me to improvement, since I am aware of the plenty of steps I have to go through yet. Even though karate has become a social sport and the role model among martial arts along these past fifty years, the right path for me is guided by the karate-do. For this reason, I tend to push aside those negative issues that might distance myself from this right path, as I just want to enjoy practising karate. Then, I try to learn everyday by researching and training around the world. Therefore, let me give you some piece of advice:

Always keep in mind: growing as a person is more important than victory or defeat.