OKINAWA… See you soon!

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Sandra Sánchez en el Open Okinawa

We come back home, again with the backpack full of experiences, emotions and lot of karate. 💪

The international season ended here, we were not sure if include this championship in our calendar, but we couldn’t miss the opportunity to train and the challenge of play in Okinawa 🇯🇵

We knew that this wouldn’t be easy, more than 80 competitors and almost 30 Japanese,— but we got it—, we have our «Okinawan medal» 🎖 and what is even better, the positive reinforcement that the training is taking shape. only one flag for the final, 3-2 against Kiyou Shimizu (world champion). Just another extra motivation to move forward, dreaming. 🌠

This time Damian couldn’t play because he had injury —get well soon— but on Sunday the kata team got bronze Congratulations! In«kumite» there was no medal but the level is getting better.💪

Our days in Okinawa have been very intense, we have looked for where to train, Shorin Ryu, we have worked the details with Sakumoto Sensei and we have returned to train with Higaonna Sensei, so kind, tender and affectionate with me as always 😍, his student Kuramoto Sensei invited us to the Okinawa Prefecture, where they work to preserve and expand the Okinawan Karate, and gave us, among other things, a great history book of karate 🤗

We had the opportunity to meet and train at Okinawa Karate Kaikan, so beautiful place! Built only for karate, with a spectacular museum, and different training areas.😮

I close another unforgettable year, I keep the number 1 of the world ranking (WKF), I won the Premier League, European, silver World Games. And I still put the videos excited to see me there .😊

And thinking about getting home and getting back to training, looking for every little detail. 2018 is closed and it will be a very important year, with the possibility to play in the World Championship at home, in Madrid. 🇪🇸